External data for agents

Power your agents with hundreds of reliable, up-to-date datasets.

pip install subsetsio
import subsetsio

# Temp API Key. Sign up for a free permanent key.
client = subsetsio.Client(api_key="7f8H6d4A3E2b9C1K")

query = "Port of rotterdam, throughput per year"
# Semantically search for tables (matching on tables, columns and rows)
tables = client.search_tables(query)
# Generate SQL with our text2sql utility, or bring your own
sql_query_response = client.text2sql(query, tables)
# # Execute the sql query to retrieve a pandas dataframe
df = client.query(sql_query_response['sql_query'])

FRED Economic Data

FRED Economic Data logo

Provides a wide range of economic data including employment rates, GDP, and inflation.


Worldbank logo

Comprehensive global data covering population, life expectancy, and 1800+ indicators

Stock Prices

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End-of-day stock prices from multiple exchanges around the world.

Company Financials

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Balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements for 10,000+ companies.

Wikipedia Interest

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Understand what's on people's minds by tracking the number of Wikipedia page views for millions of pages, going back to 2015.

Zillow Housing Data

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Offers extensive data on housing markets, including price trends and rental rates.

Crypto Prices

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End-of-day cryptocurrency prices for all your favorite coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Foreign Exchange Rates

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Daily exchange rates for major currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY.

& many more